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We make creating a well formatted resume, cover letter or thank you letter very simple!
1 To add a resume, you simply click Add Resume and the resume builder will walk you through creating an effective resume. If you need help along the way, we provide helpful tool tips. Create Resume
2 After you create your resume, you can go back and edit your information, upload documents, create a cover/thank you letter and view your website! Add Resume
3 Show off your career website by sending a direct link to any email address. Build Resume
4 Upload work examples in the following formats: JPEG, JPG, GIF, WORD, EXCEL, CSV, PDF and ZIP to put on display for potential employers. Upload Files to Resume

Receive files to an Interactive Resume CD that syncs up with your job portfolio. Leave a great first impression during a career conference or networking session by leaving a copy of your CD with potential employers. You simply download the files and burn them to a CD.

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I recently relocated to a major city. The stress of moving and getting settled was hectic! Thankfully, I had the confidence when I walked into the interview for my dream job that my Get Noticed First Portfolio would impress the executives.

It did. I start on Monday!

Dennise L. Hill

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